‘This Is Us’ star Eris Baker talks the NBC megahit & the advice she got from her Emmy-winning costar

In it’s first season, This Is Us took America by storm with it’s story of a family bound together by love no matter what the circumstance. Now in its second season, the show is still breaking ratings records and keeping us on the edge of our seats to find out what will happen next to the Pearson clan. In the middle of it all is Eris Baker who plays the eldest daughter of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and Beth Pearson (Susan Kelechi Watson) and I caught up with her to talk about the show, school and what the future holds.

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When did you fall in love with acting?

When I was about three or four I think. I’ve always liked to pretend. If I wanted to be a superhero, I could be. If I wanted to be a mom, I could be. Acting is like art to me. I would tell my parents I really wanted to do this and they finally believed me. I got into acting classes, got an agent, and now I’m on This Is Us.

And This Is Us is one of the biggest shows on TV! What’s been the most challenging aspect of filming for you?

Probably school. When I was in 6th grade, I was missing a lot of school. I had to have talks with all my teachers and explain that I didn’t want any special advantages because I was on this show, but I needed to get my homework early so I could make sure to get it done. They all worked with me and my grades are good.

I’m sure there are many, but what has been the most rewarding part of the process of making This Is Us?

That has to be my cast. I get inspiration from them every single day. As a little girl, I always wanted to work with amazingly talented people. Now I’m working with Mandy Moore who is an amazing singer and Sterling got an Emmy. To work with that kind of cast and for them to be so nice, I learn from them every day.

I can imagine. So is there something specific you’ve learned from one of your cast mates?

Sometimes, I mess up on a line and when that happens, Sterling tells me, Mistakes happen, it’s a part of life. It’s going to be okay and you’ll get another chance. That’s helped me when I go to auditions.

What have you learned about yourself since you started on the show?

I really think I have more courage now. This is my first show and before this, I was still a shy girl trying to book something. When I got This Is Us, I got my courage high. Seeing myself on TV, I was like, I’m on television! I’ve got this. 

Speaking of that, tell me what was that like seeing yourself on TV for the first time?

It was very exciting. It was unbelievable really. I saw myself on TV and I was like, Eris, you’re on TV! It’s an amazing experience. There is one con though. You’re watching the show and you know your mistakes and when you messed up something. No one else knows you messed it up, but you know.

You’re only at the beginning of your career and you’re off to an amazing start. What is your dream?

My dream was acting from the start, but I’ve really become involved with fashion. Fashion is telling people who you are without speaking. It’s a way to express yourself. I want to be both a fashion designer and an actress.

Interview by Ryan Brinson
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