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Photography by Christopher Boudewyns

Ryan Brinson


I started BLEEP because I love magazines but hate the tabloid fodder that’s clouding our newstands, Facebook feeds and airwaves. BLEEP was an artist-centric outlet that existed to shine a positive light on artists and to encourage others to create.

After 8 years of adventure, I decided it was time to hang up my BLEEP hat—to mark this as a dream fulfilled—and to chase some new dreams. I’m now writing about my life, my experiences and about these past 8 years. My own work can be found at www.ryanbrinson.com

Born and raised in Dallas, I moved to New York City after grad school at Baylor. I now work as a print and digital marketing designer by day and media-mogul-in-training by night. My first book of essays, “I Really Like My Hands Today” is available today.

I’m a TV junkie, Jurassic Park is my favorite movie, I’m a forever Britney fan and I know far more about gospel music than you’d expect. Dream interview is still Baz Luhrmann. One day.

Thank you for supporting me and BLEEP for eight years! 

For business inquiries, contact me HERE.

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