Designer Alexander Acosta’s new vision

When I interviewed Alexander Acosta in 2016, he said of his love of fashion, “I’ve always had a profound appreciation for fashion, having such a talented mother. Then as teenager I began modeling and traveling to Milan and Paris for fashion shows, for designers such as Versace Homme, Versus by Versace, Oscar De La Renta, Frankie Morello…the list goes on. I knew then that fashion was in my DNA.” Now, he has a new collection he’s unveiling and BLEEP got the first look!


Photos by Reggo Wilson

Tell me what makes this collection unique from your previous works?

This collection is very unique because the clothes I’ve designed in previous collections were evening couture and resort. I never tried in the 15 years designing to do street wear, but the people and the streets of New York inspired me so much that I decided for my 7 year anniversary in NYC to design “Street Walker 13.”

The clothes are so vibrant and full of life. What did you pull inspiration from for the clothes?

What inspired me the most is the memories I’ve had since I moved to NYC and the way people on the streets wear clothe. NYC is so colorful; it’s like I’m living inside of a rainbow. The 23 looks are designed in coordination with the colors of the rainbow to express my voice for continued civil rights equality. The fabrics are up-cycled silk brocades donated to me by clients and friends and of my own collecting throughout the years.


Photos by Reggo Wilson

What do you hope this collection does for your clients?

I would hope that owning a piece from this collection will give the wearer piece of mind knowing that it’s locally and ethically produced. The use of dead-stock and vintage fabrics I’ve sourced will reduce the carbon footprint.

Why do you design?

Designing makes me happy; it keeps me centered. I moved to NYC with the mentality to be one of the few atelier houses in the city. I also love working closely with clients who have an idea of what they want and being able to make it a reality for them.

What continues to drive you?

I eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. My other half, Michael, keeps my inspirations updated and drives me to be at my best every time I’m producing a collection.


Photos by Reggo Wilson

How can we get our hands on your clothes?

This collection is ready to buy! Contact info is on the website

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