Austria’s Nathan Trent talks Eurovision & what’s next

Singer and songwriter Nathan Trent’s résumé includes singer, songwriter, violinist, pianist, actor and dancer but this spring, he added his biggest credit yet as a the competitor from Austria in the world’s biggest song competition, Eurovision. So what’s it like to sing in front of a television audience twice the size of the Superbowl? He tells us.


Header and above: photo by Jan Frankl

When did you decide to pursue performing as a career?

Actually, I knew from a very young age that I wanted to perform but it wasn’t until after my graduation from college that I knew I wanted to become a singer and a songwriter.

Who was the first artist who had an effect on you? Who did you listen to as a kid?

I have to say that Craig David and Michael Jackson had a huge impact on me and my music. But I have always been inspired by American music, due to the fact that my parents always listened to Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Whitney, JLo and many more when I was growing up.

What inspires you as an artist?

When people support and help each other and when music unites different countries all over the world.

How did you come up with the direction and style of your Eurovision song, “Running on Air?”

It sort of wrote itself. After writing four songs for the ESC in an upbeat style with electronic and EDM Pop elements, I wanted to take another direction and go a little more organic on the next one I would write. So together with the producer, Bernhard Penzias, we went for that sound and this was the song that the jury liked the most.


Nathan performing at Eurovision 2017.

What most surprised you about the process of Eurovision?

I was surprised about how positive and friendly everyone was to me and my team. You really could feel that people wanted to have a good time and enjoy the moment with music from different countries.

What did it feel like standing on that stage in front of 200 million people?

Indescribable! I think back and it still seems surreal that it even happened. I’m deeply grateful and happy that I was able to experience this incredible moment.

Because of the internet, Eurovision (and music in general) can be experienced all over the world. What do you think the future of the music industry looks like with all the technology at our fingertips?

I think the music industry is already adapting to this evolution. As long as music is appreciated and the artist gets the recognition and the chance to live from his music, I’m very much looking forward to how the whole system is going to evolve within the next couple of years.

What was the best piece of art you’ve seen/experienced in the past year?

I couldn’t name only one. I’ve had the gift to experience so many beautiful moments in the past months that I couldn’t choose. This has been an amazing journey and somehow it feels as if it was only the start.

What’s next?

I’m about to release new music very soon! I’m going to keep you updated!

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