New York Stylist Evita Haddad talks creating Differio’s spring menswear campaign


Where did your initial love of fashion originate?

If art never existed, we’d never have the privilege of using and owning fashion. It’s fascinating how we can create art out of a simple piece of textile that people will wait weeks to own. This is why I’ve always been captivated by every aspect of the fashion industry, which only grew stronger after I solidified my career as a stylist. I grew up in Lebanon with strong artistic roots, so style feels second nature to me.

After working in several advertising agencies, I relocated to New York, which was the ultimate place for me to continue pursuing my dream as a stylist. Even when I attended FIT for image consulting, it felt natural to have an eye for colors, patterns and proportions. In addition to consulting for Differio, I’ve helped build some of the world’s top brands across international markets from Dubai to New York by creating engaging campaigns. Honestly, fashion has always been a way of life for me from the way I was raised to building my own career in fashion.

What inspired the spring Differio campaign?

The black rabbit masks were a huge part of the campaign because they elevated our spring collection while pushing the limits of men’s fashion. The campaign was about promoting spring style that’s edgy and bold, like men’s skinny jeans with studs, graphic longline t-shirts and ultramodern accessories. We also included several staple spring styles, like bright colored chinos and contemporary button-down shirts. We wanted to deliver cohesive spring looks with our men’s trendy clothing that’s still packed with soul and originality.

We also loved the idea of styling our models in accessories that aren’t normally paired with menswear. The rabbit masks indirectly created this powerful image of a man that’s not afraid to be playful and fun with his clothes, which we unfortunately don’t see as much in mainstream menswear. The Differio brand is about encouraging men to be fearless with fashion, and these rabbit masks were another way of expressing that message.


What sets this campaign apart from previous campaigns?

We usually do celebrity endorsements, like our previous campaigns with John Odom and Seth Fornea, because it’s another way for us to connect with our customers and target audience. However, we wanted to do something different for this spring campaign with a theme that relates with the Easter holiday and spring season. Usually male campaigns for Easter feature outdoor nature shots, but we decided to take it in a direction that no one has done before with a sexy nightclub theme.

In today’s digital culture, why is the direction of a campaign so important?

It’s crucial to stand out from everyone else because the competition in digital culture is tougher than ever. Your campaign needs to be so appealing and relatable to your audience that they can’t resist sharing it on social media. Going viral is a great way to increase brand awareness, which is exactly what Differio is doing. We’re the leaders in disruptive marketing by promoting unforgettable men’s fashion that no one else has dared to explore. From our photography style to marketing strategies, we’re always pushing ourselves to produce that shock factor in every department.

On that same topic, in your opinion, how has the digitization of the industry helped and/or hindered the fashion industry?

It’s definitely put small and emerging businesses on the map, and given them the opportunity to be considered alongside large brands. It’s also helped expand businesses geographically because as long as you have an efficient website people from miles away can purchase your products. Digitalizing fashion is a convenient way for people to purchase what they want at any time from any location. Instead of planning trips to retail stores once a week, now you can instantly buy what you want in just a few clicks. It’s an easy way reach your target audience from anywhere in the world while increasing sales.

On the other hand, there are certain brands that are still using outdated sales models. These are the businesses that are losing the most on market shares. Brands that can’t keep up or aren’t adapting to digital sales are the ones that are losing in game of fashion.


How do you stay inspired as a creative person?

In addition to fashion and marketing, I have a background in graphic design, so it’s easy for me to feel inspired by my environment by seeing things from an artistic point of view. Sometimes even the smallest details, like colors and patterns in nature, can spark inspiration.

At Differio, the creative department has “mind-note sessions”, which are weekly brainstorming sessions where we express new ideas, set strategic road maps and clarify our objectives.

What’s one rule you live by?

Say it with fashion!

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