5 Questions with one of Bravo’s leading ladies, Dallas ‘Housewife’ Stephanie Hollman

Stephanie Hollman, one of the stand-out faces on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Dallas” talks feeling great this spring, the impetus of her fashion blog and what she’s learned by being one of Bravo’s leading ladies.


Photos by Vince Trupsin

You always look great on the show and you’re in the know about what’s coming up in spring fashion. What are some trends you really love?

Right now, I’m loving statement stripes and there are so many awesome shirts and dresses out there that have them. That’s a big trend. Also, ruffles are in right now and since they are super girly, I love those too. I also love that neon colors are really hot. I think hot pink or bright green are fun to mix into an outfit. It’s clothes, it should be fun.

You love fashion so much that you’ve become a fashion blogger. What made you start the blog?

Honestly, I created a website so people could get in touch with me and so fans of the show could see more about my life and my family. Most of the questions I was getting once the show was on the air were like, “What are you wearing during Episode 2, minute 5” so I began posting screenshots of my clothes and who the designer was. I got a lot of hits on the site and had a lot of interaction with people so I decided to keep going with it. I do it for fun when the kids are at school. Also, girls love sharing secrets for the makeups and moisturizers we use so I love doing that.

Part of fashion is finding the right fit. What are some easy tips for getting in shape so you look and feel your best this spring?

I love working out. I feel like you first have to embrace your body. I’m a curvy girl and I’ll never be a model size 0. I know a lot of women don’t do weights because they think it will bulk them up, but I think weight training makes women look more streamlined. When I first started working out, the scale became my enemy. I would check the scale too often and had to stop. Rather than making my goal to be a certain weight, I make a goal to run a half marathon every year. That way, I’m running toward a goal and not toward a number on the scale. Of course diet is important but so is having a cheat day. I call Saturdays “Fatter-days” and I eat whatever I want. I look forward to it and it’s the day I indulge.


Photos by Vince Trupsin

I have to ask about Real Housewives. What did being a part of that first season teach you about yourself?

I feel like if you do a show like the Real Housewives and you don’t try to learn about yourself – the good, the bad and the ugly – then you probably shouldn’t do it. It made me realize I want to be someone who has a strong voice and it also made me realize I need a thicker skin. Watching the show when it came out, I had a hard time with the negative comments. It was hard to read. However, it also made me appreciate the people in my life who were so supportive and kind. I think a show like this brings out the good and the bad with people and it’s all on display on the screen. It also brings out your insecurities because everything is on camera and everything you say can and will be used against you. I’ll also say there’s something liberating about showing the world you’re imperfect. You don’t have to pretend anymore.

How has being a Bravo Housewife changed your life for the better?

I always say we have to take the burdens with the blessings. The burden part is people recognizing you more and saying nasty things about you online. You don’t have the privacy you used to have either. But with the burdens come the great blessings of so many opportunities. People get to know the real you and I think that gives you the freedom to be yourself and to be authentic all the time. There’s something really liberating about people knowing who you really are, take it or leave it.

Interview by Ryan Brinson

For more on Stephanie, head over to www.stephaniehollman.com

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