Todd Hanebrink talks Company XIV’s holiday hit “Nutcracker Rouge”

The sexiest dance company in New York City, Company XIV, is back with Nutcracker Rouge, a sparkling re-imagining of the Nutcracker tale told in the baroque-burlesque style that has put the company on the top of critics’ and fans’ lists for Must See entertainment. Fusing theatre, dance, circus, opera, high fashion and burlesque, it’s an evening of sexy entertainment not to be missed. I caught up with company member Todd Hanebrink to talk about this year’s show.


Photo by Mark Shelby Perry

Where did your love of performing originate?

I was born to perform. I remember at 6 years old, passing out flyers to my neighbors to see my show in my backyard. Adults used it as a free way to socialize with each other and drink beer, but I thought they all came to see me dance.

What most excites you about Nutcracker Rouge this season?

My part in Absinthe is really hot! I’m excited to see how it’s received from the audience, and also the venue, the Irondale Theatre, is so perfect for the show.

It’s the sexiest show in New York. Do you approach it differently than you would a traditional show like Wicked?

Yes completely because unlike Wicked, my artistic expression is endless and free. In Wicked you are in a box artistically.

What is your favorite thing about being a member of Company XIV?

The constant change within the shows year round. I get bored doing the same thing so it’s nice that Austin [McCormick, Company XIV director] likes to change it up. Even in a show that’s been done before, he constantly makes it grow and a new experience for all.

How does being a member of this company challenge you as an artist?

There’s always room to grow and learn a new skill that could be used.

How do you stay inspired?

The talent around me inspires me.

What’s coming up next for you?

Who knows? That’s the life of an artist.

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