Melvin Gregg brings his social media savvy to your TV screens

Actor and social media star Melvin Gregg has millions of fans all over the world. Now, he’s starring in the horror series “Freakish,” the Awesomeness TV show that’s streaming on Hulu. I caught up with him to talk about what he’s learned about himself and how he stays inspired.


Photos courtesy of Hulu/Awesomeness TV

You’re starring in the new horror series “Freakish.” What most surprised you about the process of making the show?

What most surprised me about the process of making the show was how well everyone got along. You hear stories about actors not getting along or just keeping to themselves.  Freakish was not like that at all, we all basically became best friends.

What did you learn about yourself as a person by doing the show?

I learned I suck at time management. Most of the time we would shoot 12 hour days and I have no idea what happened the other 12. I literally felt like I woke up, went to set, got off, went to sleep and did the same thing over each day.

What sorts of challenges does it present to you to stay active/creative on the social media platforms you’ve harnessed so efficiently?

During the filming of the show I wasn’t able to stay active on my social media. I was able to check in and let people know what was going on but as far as creating creative content, it was very hard. I made 1 video the entire course of the shoot and the video was a creative take on why I hadn’t been shooting videos.

You’ve started your own production company. What was the impetus for doing so?

To simply put a machine behind myself. A lot of the content I want to create is really time consuming when it comes to pre and post production. With my schedule being as hectic as it is, I need to outsource some of those duties. A lot of creators sign with MCN’s for that reason but I’d rather do it independently, that way I maintain ownership and 100% creative control.

What’s next?

I’m developing 3 films. I have dozens of new sketches in production. I’m just creating, learning and growing.

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