Hit maker Wade Martin talks new music & writing songs in his sleep

With a resume that reads like a who’s-who in music, Wade Martin has worked with the biggest names in the recording industry. Now, he’s making waves producing for artists like Jadelle, with their hit “Done” racing up the Billboard charts this summer, and we caught up with him to talk about the music business, what’s playing on his radio today and more.

The music scene is a crowded one. How do you ensure you stand out from the pack?

Hmm, I stay both creatively and uniquely unapologetically true to myself, and that comes across both in my style and my music. I believe there is nothing more unique than individuality, and simply being yourself is key to creating a unique brand as an artist.

As a songwriter, where is the strangest place you fond inspiration for a song?

Strangely enough, in my sleep my mind is constantly going and I find that when I sleep, my subconscious keeps writing songs. Definitely dreams and sleep have provided some of the best inspiration for creating.

How do you juggle the artist side and the business side of the business?

I built a great team around me, of those I trust and can depend on. Of course I still handle all business decisions, as I am very hands on in both my business as well as my music. However the Music Business is just that, a business as well as a creative platform; and whether you are starting out with a close friend or family helping, or a superstar hiring employees or major firms, a great team of those you trust and can depend upon allow you the time to create and be the artist.

What artists are you listening to today?

I of course love music, so I tend to listen to a wide array of music and styles, If the question refers to current popular artists, there are many, I gravitate more toward unique artists and conglomerate styles like that of artists Bruno Mars, Adele, Sam Smith, Coldplay, 21 pilots, The Weeknd, SIA, but mostly find myself listening to a lot of my own music, and of course Jadelle. I am extremely proud of the works I have been working on and created, as well as proud of Jadelle, she not only is a wonderful person and artist, but is a magnificent instrument, her voice is phenomenal.

How do you stay inspired?

I guess inspiration simply comes from the innate driving force of, this is what I do, what I am, music is me, this is my life and life to me. I feel most artists and creative people feel the same, it is simply a part of you.

What’s coming up next?

I have four new singles which I will be releasing in the upcoming months, along with music videos, then of course tour of live performances and DJ sets to support the releases, and more production projects with artist clients.

To hear more from Wade, head over to Soundcloud now!

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