The luscious designs of InLush designer Biviana Lazo


Designer InLush, Originally from Peru, now in San Francisco

Why I love her: Her artist’s touch. The hand-painted designs on the fabric are gorgeous and make her fashions feel like fashion is supposed to feel, unique and special. 

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When was the first time you noticed that fashion was something someone created rather than just something you bought and put on?

My mother was a seamstress, so at a very early age I knew clothing and fashion was something someone created. Being a fashion designer, my expectations of good construction and quality became number one. I became a critic not only of others’ designs, but especially my own. I take pride of my designs and wearing them makes me feel empowered.

Since your mother was a seamstress, did you learn from her?

I have been sewing since I was seven years old merely for dolls. When I moved to the States, I decided to study Fashion Design. I attended FIDM, Canada College and San Francisco State University focusing in Apparel and Technical Design. Although these schools prepared me for the fashion industry, it was the real world experience I gained with INLUSH that has helped accelerate my growth. Having INLUSH exposed me to all aspects of fashion, from design, construction, production, marketing, sales, and fashion shows.

When you begin designing new garments, what is the starting point for you?

Since my designs are hand painted, the starting point is usually a white canvas. My source of inspiration and use of colors comes from embracing the diversity of cultures I encounter and countries I have traveled to. Moreover, being raised in Peru, colors were always a predominant source of inspiration. Colors become their own character when they are put together.

Being that you’re a silk painter, how does your process differ from a designer who buys fabric ready-to-go?

The process of my designs starts with silk painting. The silk painting technique I use is originally from China. The technique of silk painting uses gutta as a resist, meaning that fancy patterns and beautiful colors can be achieved. The dye is applied carefully with a brush by touching the silk. After the silk is painted, the fabric is steamed for 3 to 4 hours for the colors to set permanent. Then, the painted fabric is cut and sewn into a garment.


Designer Biviana Lazo. Photo by Alex Matt Photography

The hand painting is unique to most designers.

Every INLUSH piece is unique because it is hand painted. Where most designers purchase fabric with already made textile, I design and create my own textile for every piece in the collection. Every design is carefully hand painted on silk fabric and can not be mass produced or imitated. I know I am not the only one that hand paints their designs but no two artists are alike. I feel I have a style that is unique from the competition yet recognizable as INLUSH.

The internet has changed the fashion industry in numerous ways. How have you utilized it and social media to get your work and your brand to a larger audience?

I think social media helps to get your work exposed to a larger audience. Some of the social media I use are Facebook and Instagram. These have helped me not only get more audience feedback, but often they translate into profits as well.

What was it like the first time you saw someone wearing your designs in real life?

It was definitely an amazing feeling. Creating something from your imagination and executing it as you have imagined it, it is magical. Seeing someone wearing your designs, suddenly your designs become alive.


My aesthetic in five words: Artistic, bold, colorful, feminine, confident
My client is… women who are confident, have an exquisite appreciation for art and fashion. Women who don’t care about blending in, but those who are not afraid to stand out.
My dream client is… Among the celebrities I would love to design for are Sophia Loren, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence. Although these women differ in age, they exude a lot of confidence and self-love, attributes of the INLUSH woman.

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