Bangkok raised designer Deedee talks WB Thamm & telling a story through design

Prangchat Sathianthammawit (Deedee)

Designer at WB Thamm, raised in Bangkok, Thailand and lives in NYC

Why I love her: There’s something interesting in the designs she brings to the table. Every piece looks cared for, thought out, and seen through to completion. It exudes professionalism.

Photo by Thanawat Phetchan

When was the first time you noticed that fashion was something someone created rather than just something you bought and put on?

My grandma was a seamstress. When my sister and I were kids, she used to make dresses and school uniforms for us. I think it was then I realized there were so many things we can customize and make to suit individual people better. Basically, it was the way our grandma spoiled her grandkids, and it made me discover my sense of fashion.

What made you want to pursue design vocationally as opposed to it just being a hobby?

It started from my mom who encouraged me to draw, so I’ve known since very young age that I love art. Graphic design and fashion are always something on my mind. It’s something I know I’d love to do for the rest of my life.

What was your training in design?

I graduated with a bachelors degree in art education as a graphic design major and then a Masters degree in fine and applied art, with a major in fashion design.

When you begin designing new garments, what is the starting point for you?

Each collection, I always start with the concept or story I’d like to tell. It’s like I’m a story teller and what is my message I‘d like to tell my audience? What is the image in my head that I’d like the audience to see? I set up the mood and tone, colors and fabric before designing the pieces.


Photo by Thanawat Phetchan

There’s a lot of competition out there. How do you separate yourself from the pack?

This is why the concept becomes a major factor that sets my collections apart from others: I can’t throw out something random and call it out a collection. Also, I believe details make the difference. My designs are pretty much detail-oriented. I am a perfectionist.

From season to season, how do you keep yourself from burning out?

Actually, that happens a lot because I am a one-person operation. I do everything so time management is very important. I would say I have to be very flexible on my work schedule. When I’m very busy, I might work 14-16 hours on Monday to Saturday then Sunday I can unwind and watch Netflix all day.

Fashion blogs and style bloggers are front row at Fashion Week, something that didn’t happen ten years ago. Ten years from now, what do you hope the fashion industry looks like/is headed?

Today, style bloggers are more influential to mass groups of people than the past. But talking about the future, it’s hard to tell. Things change all the time. Technology changes and it’s getting better every day. At that point, there might be updated version of SIRI from your cell phone to serve you as your influencer base on your personal preferences. You don’t have to reach the trend, but the trend will reach you.


Photo by Thanawat Pretchan


My aesthetic in five words: Creative, quirky, witty, efficient, and determination.
My client is… someone who love dress-up of course, love details, modern but know the traditional way.
My dream client is… I have so many. Eddie Redmayne – he’s so talented and he’s one of my favorite actors. Tim Gunn – He’s one of the most influential men in the fashion industry, that would be an honor. Ruby Rose – I just love her personality. I think she can rock my bow ties pretty well.

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