Self-taught designer Dymond Warren: The man behind D.Haleter


Designer of D.Haleter, Los Angeles

Why I love him: He’s a self-taught designer who is making clothes that are instantly wearable yet look and feel completely high-fashion.
When was the first time you noticed that fashion was something someone created rather than just something you bought and put on?

In my early teens, I started to take notice to actual fashion designers and the work they did: the process before something was able to be purchased or put on.

What made you want to pursue design vocationally as opposed to it just being a hobby?

During my senior year of high school, one of my best friends was contemplating going to prom. I was able to convince her and volunteered to design her dress. I had no experience of sewing or constructing a garment, however I did sketch occasionally. So I had sketched a dress and after a couple small alterations, some fabric selection and finding a seamstress, something I designed was standing right before me. The feeling of seeing something I came up with actually coming to life inspired me to want to make that happen again and again with bigger and better ideas; so that’s exactly what I did.

So how did you make it happen again and again? Where did your training come from?

I was taught the basics of how to construct legging and a t-shirts by my older sister as well as a woman who I consider to be a mentor. Other than those two lessons very early on, I taught myself. I took my time, I challenged myself, and with patience I began to expand my knowledge of not just sewing but of fabric, marketing and of creativity.


When you begin designing new garments, what is the starting point for you?

I’d have to say fabric first. Although I do enjoy sketching out a concept, I feel like sometimes I have to see a fabric or feel it to truly imagine what can be made out of it. For me, the fabric makes it easier to know what to sketch you can imagine more.

There’s a lot of competition out there. How do you separate yourself from everyone else who is creating clothes?

By being myself. I am simply someone who always has been separated from the pack and with my brand, I like to keep that personal touch of it being something different. Sometimes even the smallest tweak can take your piece to a new level above others.


Fashion blogs and style bloggers are front row at Fashion Week, something that didn’t happen ten years ago.

I feel fashion has always been based off influencers, it just so happens that in this day and age, fashion bloggers are doing a good job of making their style a staple and making it influential. I hope it continues to be that way but I mainly hope we don’t lose the art that has always been a part of fashion. We’re in a time where things are becoming so minimal and tattered that I feel some of the true art that goes into fashion goes unseen.

What was it like the first time you saw someone wearing your designs in real life?

It was surreal. Then, seeing others reactions and all the compliments was something that inspired me to completely change courses in life. I grew up with a dance background but after that moment, I knew fashion was what I wanted to do and pursue for the rest of my life.



My aesthetic in five words: Daring, chic, bold, beautiful, breathtaking.
My client is… just about anyone, from the everyday girl, to the chic on the go girl, the party girl, to the red carpet girl. My garments are for those who like to make a statement in a confident way.
My dream client is…Zendaya, Rihanna and Michelle Obama.

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