Fuzz talks new music, movies & more!

Fuzz Ibrahim has been making waves with his music all over the world. The Melbourne native has charted all over the world and his new single, “Change The Path,” has just landed. With his new EP, “Rebirth” on the way, we caught up with him to talk music, movies and more.


Where does your inspiration as an artist come from?

Growing up I used to watch MTV, and I remember listening to *NSYNC, Cher, Britney Spears and Michael Jackson. I knew I wanted to be an artist one day and I’ve been working towards that dream ever since.

Tell me about “Change The Path.” What’s the song about?

“Change The Path” is a single I wrote from the heart and everyone can relate to it. If you’ve been through any sort of heartbreak, then this song is for you. The song is asking to go back in time and change the path we walked because I have regret and want to do things differently. When I say “change the path” I don’t really mean going back, it means that I want to move on in the present, and fix what was broken.

You’re in the upcoming film “Eleven Days In Hell.” What challenged you most about the process of working on the film?

Gaining 33 pounds and learning the Texan accent. It is a great fun experience, and Brett A. Moore and Bruce W. Moore are amazing producers and screenwriters. It is an honor to be working with them.

What did working on the film teach you about yourself as an artist?

That you can do anything and transform a certain way within no time, which makes the impossible possible.

What do you know now that you didn’t know a year ago?

So many things! We grow as people and as artists, and it’s the struggles that make everything worth it. The biggest lesson for me was to be true to yourself, and always be true and real to people around you.

What continues to drive you as an artist?

Growing up for me was never easy. I was bullied and picked on in school. Those experiences changed my whole perspective of life. It made me a stronger person, and it made me more determined and hungry for success. I want to prove that being a good and hard working person will help you earn success. I’m driven by all of my past experiences, especially the struggles.

What’s coming up for you?

My second music video will be released in November. I am also working on teaming up with other artists for collaborations and so much more.

For more, head over to http://www.fawazibrahim.com or check him out on Twitter!

Interview by Ryan Brinson
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