BLEEP ‘Rising Star’ Spotlight: Sharisse Francisco

Sharisse Francisco says she, much like many other people, came to the city with intentions of making it as big as Beyoncé, but now what she’s focused on is being Sharisse. Along with participating in the Rising Star competition at RISE Bar, she regularly sings at events and weddings and we caught up with her to talk about her journey as a performer in the city.


Photo by Clay Burch

How do you find creative fulfillment in something like a wedding job that could feel formulaic after time?

Even though it’s a wedding, I find fulfillment in the reminder of why I do what I do. It happens in the little moments. Last night, I was with two performers I haven’t seen in a while but I admire their voices and their presence on stage. Our harmonies worked so well together and we connected really well. It came together and it gave me chills. That’s where I find the fulfillment. Those little moments that make up the larger moments later.

What other moments do you draw inspiration from in your life?

I think I’m really inspired by passionate authentic people who are really driven and know themselves and want to share the truth of themselves. I strive to be that every day. In the city, it can be easy to feel like I have to put up a front or a show for people. Connection is so important to me so when people allow themselves to be vulnerable and share their gift with others, it’s inspiring to me.


Photo by Clay Burch

What keeps you pressing on to your next goal?

It’s very hard. Even now, I’m super exhausted and super grateful to be here. I’m driven by those moments of magic that remind me of why I’m doing this, regardless of what else is going on.

Give me an example of one of those moments of magic.

In the Rise Competition, one of the nights was my birthday and even though I didn’t think it was my best performance, the fact that I was singing and felt so supported by my friends was magic. You forget to believe in yourself sometimes. I was on stage, on my birthday, singing one of my favorite songs to sing. I remember singing “You’re Just Too Good To Be True” by Lauryn Hill in fifth grade. It was my breakout performance on family fun night and about a year ago, I got to sing it at a wedding. It tapped me back into my childhood and it connected me again. That’s magic.

Interview by Ryan Brinson
Photos by Clay Burch

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