‘Idol’ alum Diana Degarmo talks The Marvelous Wonderettes!

There’s not much Diana Degarmo hasn’t done. Finalist on the biggest show in America? Check. Toured the world? Check. Broadway? Check. Now, she’s taken to the New York stage again, this time in The Marvelous Wonderettes, the fan-favorite show playing at Theatre Row. I caught up with her to talk about the show, singing on Idol again and what’s next.


You’ve joined the cast of The Marvelous Wonderettes! What was the appeal of the show for you?

I love the female empowerment side of it. I’ve done lots of shows that have big casts so it’s really fun to do a smaller show with just four of us gals. Beyond that, the music is so spectacular and entertaining.

How has Wonderettes challenged you in a different way than Hairspray and Joseph did?

There are only four of us on stage and we are singing the entire show. When you have a big show, there are usually more than one person on a part, but with just the four of us, we are always checking in on our blend and making sure every note is on point. I enjoy that challenge every night.

You crushed it on the “American Idol” series finale. What was it like being back at your old stomping grounds?

It was like a big family reunion at a wake. We were so happy to see each other for the week of rehearsals before the show and catching up with what’s happening. It’s been around long enough that now beyond talking albums and shows, we are talking babies and marriages. Right before the show started, it hit us that this was it. For years, Idol was this constant thing in our lives and it was a somber moment knowing it was ending. Singing “One Voice” all together, we savored the moment.

You work a lot and have your hand in many pots. How do you stay focused and inspired as an artist?

Staying inspired is a daily challenge. I have to remember to be positive and happy so that I can give that back. In Nashville where I live, there’s always things to do, but being in the city this summer has allowed me to see so many Broadway shows and be inspired by all of that talent here.

After your run in Wonderettes, what’s next for you?

Once I’m home, I’m putting my mind to a new album. I’ve got an exciting new idea that brings together my Nashville roots with my musical theatre work. I can’t wait to get started on that.

Head over to http://www.themarvelouswonderettes.com for tickets!

Interview by Ryan Brinson
Photos by Jason Russo
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