5 Questions with UnREAL’s Genevieve Buechner

This summer, there’s no better drama on TV than “UnREAL,” the Lifetime hit that has critics and audiences cheering week-after-week. We caught up with Genevieve Buechner who plays a personal assistant turned field producer on “Everlasting,” the show within the show, to talk about the mega-hit, the fandom and what’s coming up next.


What challenged you the most while filming this season of “Unreal?”

Working with so many talented people can be challenging, but in a good way. It really makes you push yourself to do the best you can. There is no room for being lazy or not giving a scene your all. Not to say you don’t always give it everything you have, but the drive to do well is definitely stronger.

The show is full of larger-than-life characters. How do you, as an actress, find the grounding to make your character real?

Well, Madison is still very new to her job and the whole world of producing. So when she is surprised or awkward it feels very natural to have a somewhat large reaction. She’s experiencing everything for the first time. Even though these characters might seem larger-than-life, I’m sure everyone can compare a person they know to them. I have.

The fandom with this show is unlike anything that’s happened on Lifetime before. How has it felt to be in the middle of such a social media whirlwind?

It’s pretty crazy. I actually have to check all my social media regularly now! I wasn’t always the best at keeping them updated, but I’m getting better. I always try to respond to people and interact with them. I think it’s fun and I enjoy hearing what people have to say about UnREAL. Sometimes there are so many tweets and comments it’s hard to keep up! I’m such a big fan of the show myself and I’m happy it’s getting recognition.


What inspires you when you’re not on set?

The people around me, my family and friends. I also read a lot and watch a lot of movies. I love painting and drawing. I have too many art supplies and I have nowhere to keep it all, so they’re always all over my apartment.

What’s next?

I’m actually just really looking forward to the summer. We filmed for a long time and it’s nice to have some time to plan a few trips and relax a little. I’ve never been to New York and I’m trying to organize a trip there. I’m super excited and I feel I’m going to fall in love with the city! Plus I’ll get to visit some of my UnREAL cast mates!

Photos by Kyla Hemmelgarn
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