Ari Gold talks his new single, a new musical & the importance of Pride

Sir Ari Gold has Billboard hits, LOGO’s #1 Video Of the Year and earned the Grand Prize (in all genres) of the 12th Annual USA Songwriting Competition. Not one to rest on on past successes, he’s got a new album, a new anthem for Pride, and a continued commitment to bringing hope and freedom to the LGBT community.


After having successes for so long, how do you stay inspired to keep going?

The question really should be, how do you stay inspired to keep going after having failures for so long. For every success people see, there are 100 failures before that. And the answer to that question, I don’t really know. Usually there is always some creative endeavor in my path that I have to complete and that allows me to keep going.

Give me an example of a moment where you felt validated and encouraged that you were doing what you are meant to be doing as an artist.

I just did a presentation for New York Theater Workshop of my musical memoir POP OUT. Working on that with my director David Drake was incredibly gratifying.

Gold Nation_Soundtrack To Freedom_MiniThe music landscape is ever-changing. How do you stay current while staying true to who you are as an artist?

I have always been a fan of pop music and the sound of modern technology. So I always get inspired by new sounds, new beats and new production.

How do you challenge yourself to get better at your craft?

I try to imitate the greatest singers, usually gospel singers, and if I can even come close to what they are doing, it pushes me. Writing this play has been new for me and so I like to see a lot of theater and pay attention to the writing.

It’s a tough world out there and especially now, LGBT people are under attack from all over. What do you hope you and your music are able to do for the community?

I have been an openly gay artist since my first album came out in 2000. Many people have said I was the first male pop singer to be openly gay from the start of my career. I still think there is a lack of music that speaks directly to our experience and I hope that people find my music reaches who it needs to and speaks to their souls.

What is your dream for your life?

My dream for my life is to be happy, find a life partner, continue to be creatively inspired, stay close to family and friends, be healthy and pay my bills. That’s all!

What’s coming up next for you?

I just released my Pride single and video “Turn Out The Night” with 2 part remixes. It’s off my album “Soundtrack To Freedom” which is about the way in which dance music has provided the soundtrack to LGBT freedom. The message is particularly poignant at this time with what has happened in Orlando because no matter what, the LGBT community will still get together, we will still go to the club and we will still dance our asses off in the face of hate. Mirror balls to the wall!

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