Argentinian star Luisana Lopilato sets her sights on America

Argentinian superstar Luisana Lopilato made a name for herself on television shows like “Chiquititas,” “Rebelde Way,” and “Atracción x4,” but is now making her American film debut in the new movie, “Fair Market Value.” Growing up in Buenos Aires, singing, dancing and pretending to be different characters came naturally to her. She says the opportunity to entertain and “make people feel emotions” is what drew her to pursue a life of performing.

“My parents have the biggest hearts and let my sister, brother and I truly follow our dreams,” she says. “Now, we are all actors and enjoy each other’s accolades.  Lately I’ve realized I’m exactly who I imagined I wanted to be as a grown up.”

After years of working in TV and film in Argentina, she says she was at first skeptical about doing “Fair Market Value,” an American independent film, but it was producer Judy San Roman who convinced her to be a part.

“Judy was very familiar with my work and believed I could successfully cross over from my Argentinian projects into an American film,” she explains. “Her story was wonderful. I felt it was smart and hilarious; A powerful and strong role for a female lead. The timing was also right. My husband was able to clear his schedule and stay on set with me to take care of our son, Noah. It’s always been important to me that we try to be together as a family wherever we go.”


“Fair Market Value”

This being her first American film, it came with a new set of challenges including the need to act in English as opposed to Spanish.

“I needed to push myself with the pronunciation of certain words. I would ask my producer, Judy, to remove harder vocabulary, like ‘euphemism.’ She would rehearse with me and get me comfortable so when viewers watch it on screen, it looks natural. I have seen the film, and it totally looks beautiful.”

Luisana has become known for her acting prowess, but she grew up singing. Being married to Grammy winning international superstar Michael Bublé, music is still an important part of her life.

“It was fun growing up in a band. I love playing instruments as well.  [Now I] love to sing to my sons. Noah is two and Elias is three months old and we are singing all the time to them. Mike is the big singer in the household. I’m a multitasker, but off the radar, pursuing singing and music.”


“Fair Market Value”

She said making “Fair Market Value” gave her the confidence to continue working in English and added it was an experience that will “be with me forever.” Now, she’s taking that new found confidence and is shooting her next film, “Numb,” in Argentina with Hayden Christensen and Harvey Keitel. But for Luisana, what really drives her isn’t her next project, it’s her family.

“Mi familia is what keeps me going. The love and fulfillment I get from them is my power to be the best I can be every day. Being a mommy of two beautiful boys and having a husband who is my partner and best friend is a true gift. The rest is easy. Roll up your sleeves and get to work on a script you want to be on because of the story, or actors involved, or the director. Simple.”

“Fair Market Value” is a Reelhouse Productions film, produced by Judy San Roman. 

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