Nick Vibes talks his new chapter

Artist, songwriter, innovator, entrepreneur. Those are just a few of the monikers ascribed to Nick Vibes. After founding his own record label, Good Vibes Only, and spending time cultivating other artists, he’s releasing his own music for the first time. We caught up with the multi-hyphenate to talk music and inspiration.


Where did your love of R&B music originate?

My love for music started when I was a young kid in the early 90’s.

What sets Good Vibes Only apart from work you’ve done in the past?

It’s unique to itself since it’s my first body of work as an artist, and my introduction to the world.

How often are you recording? How do you stay inspired?

My recording schedule is crazy. I may not record for a month or more then I’ll spend back-to-back weeks in the studio. I’m traveling a lot at the moment and I take advantage of the time I have on the road to write music. I actually prefer to ride and write then to write in the studio. To stay inspired, I tend to take small breaks from writing and recording music to just live and experience life so when I do pick the pen back up, I have a lot of real life shit to talk about.

In the music industry today, the visual product is almost as synonymous with the audio product. When you’re making music, do you get concepts for performances, videos, shoots while you’re crafting the songs?

Yes, every song I write is almost simultaneously inspired by imagery. I write as I see and see as I write. I make it kinda easy for my video team because I always have an initial video treatment ready when I give them the song. I’m very hands-on with my visuals.

Where did the inspiration for the direction you’re headed in with this album come from?

A lot of relationships and real life experiences have heavily influenced this project. It will be full of all kind of emotions. Good Vibes Only is not just the title of the album but the motto and mantra that encapsulates the entire movement. It’s about a feeling. This ain’t sedative music, this is passionate music that makes people come alive. Ironically, Good Vibes Only was birthed from a lot of bad and bitter experiences in life but overtime, I learned to properly channel that energy to allow those things to make me better rather than bitter.


Listening to what’s on the radio today, where do you fit in?

I don’t listen to radio much anymore but I do remain conscious of what’s out. I tend to create and format records to my liking. It just so happens that some work really good for radio as well. Overall my style is unique; there isn’t any one sound I can compare it to. I use a multidimensional approach to fusing R&B melodies with contemporary bars.

What do you like about what’s happening in music today and then what sets you apart from the pack of artists on the scene?

I like it that the appreciation for lyrics and content are coming back and that real artists are emerging and getting the spotlight once again. I think my overall sound and level of content clearly defines the difference and separates me from any other artist.

You’ve worked as a producer for a long time and you’re stepping into the spotlight yourself with this album. How have you been challenged as an artist during this process?

I feel like I have a whole lot to prove but I’m more ready than I’ve ever been, this was destined.

What’s coming up for you?

I’m currently in the studio recording and working with a few producers on the finishing touches for my album, Good Vibes Only – I’m releasing a new song, “Hey Girl,” that will part of my album within the next couple of weeks on SoundCloud. After that I’ll be preparing for my first tour this fall.


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