5 Questions with acrobat Anna Venizelos

Returning to New York after three years of performing with Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam, Anna Venizelos steps back into the circus ring with Circo de la Luna.


When did acrobatic work become something you wanted to focus on? 

I think from a very young age, I was taken with acrobatics and circus. I was a gymnast first so it was always something in the back of my mind. I would love to do this professionally and I just didn’t know how to at that point.

What did your time on Quidam teach you about yourself? 

Quidam taught me, basically, that the show must go on. No matter what you’re dealing with personally, emotionally, physically – no matter what’s going on with your cast mates or any minor injuries, the show must go on. You put all of that aside for the bigger thing, the show. I also learned to be away from home and have to take care of myself on the road. It was a very expansive experience.

What excites you most about Circo de la Luna? 

Working with Amanda, who is a good friend of mine. She’s super creative, a great person and a pleasure to work with. I also really love the Latin flare of this show and that it’s based around flamenco. The whole show has a sensual, Latin, passionate vibe. I was in the original show she did and I’m excited to get to do it again.

How do you continue to challenge yourself as an artist? 

I enjoy the business-as-usual part of it actually. I enjoy the daily training and it’s a comfort for me to come back to. I like having a schedule and something to do every day. It’s good to have something I’m reaching for. I’m working on a variety of artistic endeavors with projects like this. I don’t just do circus either. I am do modern dance and corporate events so adjusting to the different situations is the challenge.

In your opinion, what is the continued appeal of circus? 

Primarily I think it is how amazing people are doing amazing feats. It doesn’t have the choreographed tidiness as dance does and it’s impressive and unbelievable and shocking maybe. People really go for that. I think it challenges audiences on a different level than sitting back and seeing something beautiful. It provokes them and asks them to participate as an audience member.

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Tickets are available at www.circodelaluna.com for the NYC performance April 21-22.
Interview by Ryan Brinson
Photography by Thierry Dehove
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