Virtue: The gospel trio is back and more ‘Fearless’ than ever

Dove Award winning, Grammy-nominated gospel music trio Virtue has been making music for nearly 20 years. Their career has included some of the most critically acclaimed gospel music of the past two decades and now, after an eight-year hiatus, sisters Ebony Holland, Karima Kibble and Heather Martin are back with a bold new album, Fearless. The ladies are bringing their signature harmonies back into the gospel spotlight and talk to us about what they’ve learned and where they’re headed next.


You’re celebrating 20 years in the industry. How does it feel looking back at all you’ve accomplished and looking forward to where you’re headed next?

Ebony: We are excited about where God is taking our ministry.  We feel blessed that He has thought enough of us to be used by Him all these years.

A lot of life happens in ten years and that’s how long it’s been since we’ve seen a Virtue studio record. How have you changed as artists over the last decade?

Karima: We have definitely grown over the years. Our families have become larger…we have six kids between the three of us. We have grown spiritually, emotionally, musically and just in general, that’s what happens with time. These changes have made us better artists, more transparent and more connected to people who are living and dealing with real life challenges.


What sets this new record, Fearless, apart from your previous records? 

Ebony: This is our best record to date! Taking such a long break has allowed us to be introspective and really live life and deal with issues that we hadn’t before. It has taught us to have faith like never before and having faith involves being FEARLESS. In Jesus, and in His strength, we are learning to live life without worries, placing complete trust in Him. Vocally we have also set out to all be more flexible and sing parts we never sang before, cover songs and hymns that we love. It is pretty special.

If you could go back and give your younger self some advice while recording Virtue, what would you say? 

Karima: Be confident. Don’t compare yourself to anybody else. I need you to be who you are because that’s how you’ll be most effective.  Be patient, and enjoy every minute because you can never go back in time.


Which track on the record is resonating with you the most right now? 

Karima: I love the title track “Fearless” right now because this whole experience of recording this album to this very moment has required me to embrace that God is in control and I don’t need to be scared of what the future holds, because He’s right by my side.

Ebony: Right now I’m feeling “Miracle.” I have always loved this song by the Clark Sisters and I just love the message!

Heather: It’s difficult for me to pick one, because really from start to finish I love every song! But if you said I had to pick one, life or death, right now, it would probably be “I Love You.” So many times our conversations with God are just one sided, asking God for stuff, but this song just reminds us to say thanks, give praise, I love you.

Now that the album is out, what’s next?

Heather: You can expect to see us popping up all over the place to promote this record and get the word out.  Also, we’ve been working on a devotional book and a cookbook! Stay tuned.

Interview by Ryan Brinson
Check out the album today and head over to iTunes to purchase your copy today!
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