BLEEP Anniversary Spotlight Artist: Steven Gabriel

Photography by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Steven Gabriel: Photographerps-15Bleep288

As a photographer, how do you break from taking the same photo over and over and stay inspired to try something different?

I stay inspired by taking in all of the artwork from my fellow artist friends. I also manage a bar and at the bar, we have a gallery. We have artists come through and I get to see their work, which is inspiring because I want to be just as good.

What does creativity mean to you?

Being able to show a side of myself, show my growth and what I’m learning, then putting it all together and spitting it back out to show to people.

What’s coming up?

I do monthly photoshoots for an underwear company and they feature the images all over the website and social media so there’s always that. I also work at a photography school so I’m teaching kids photography. They have an exhibit that I helped them develop that’s coming soon.


Ryan on Steven:

BLEEPmag 510 Cover webI met Steven Gabriel because he was bailing me out of a less-than-ideal situation. I’d have been thankful for photos at all, but what he did was truly artful. Getting to know him has been really insightful because he’s an artist who is so passionate about what he does, and he is able to use his art to clear the fog of his day away. That’s a lesson for all of we creative people. As a photographer, he knows how to bring out the best in people, something he’s just as adept at in real life.

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