BLEEP Anniversary Spotlight Artist: Todd Kennedy

Photography by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Todd Kennedy: Cake designerps-15Bleep127

What keeps you inspired?

Nature because the sugar work I do is very realistic and draws from nature. I’m inspired by doing cakes and seeing the reaction of the bride or groom. Seeing tears of happiness is worth more than any payment could ever be.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity means not being afraid to take chances and stepping outside of your shell, realizing that no matter what you do, it could be loved or it could not. You just have to do what you feel.

What’s coming up?

The next year or so, I’ll be much more independent with my work. There’s a contrast between my personal style and my elegant cake style and I look forward to sharing that on a broader scale.


Ryan on Todd:

BLEEPmag 510 Cover web

“Another picture of a flower on Instagram. How original.” That’s what I thought when I saw the pictures on Todd’s feed. But what I was shocked to find out once I read the caption was that they weren’t just pictures of flowers. These were pictures of sugar work Todd had done to put on top of wedding cakes. These incredibly detailed and perfectly life-like flowers were made from sugar. He’s incredible, he thinks outside the box and his career is only just beginning.

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