BLEEP Anniversary Artist Spotlight: Jake Simpson

Photography by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Jake Simpson: Designerps-15Bleep064

What does creativity mean to you?

Opening my mind and allowing what I’ve envisioned to come to life. It’s a reflection of me that I can put out into the world.

What inspires you to keep designing and creating?

I had always drawn cartoons as a kid and they always had crazy clothes on that I would envision and create in my mind. It started as a drawing and it made me want to learn how to make it and actually bring it to life. Artists like Tim Burton and Alexander McQueen, of course inspire me a lot, but now, a lot of inspiration comes from all the support and positive feedback I get. It makes me want to keep going.

What do you do to continue to challenge yourself?

I try to come up with things I’ve never seen before. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and then I challenging myself through constant trial and error.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I’m headed toward an actual website as opposed to Etsy, where I can sell my bowties, other accessories and clothing.

Check out Jake’s bowties online HERE and get one for yourself!


Ryan on Jake:BLEEPmag 510 Cover web

Jake took me by surprise. The art he makes, whether it’s something you wear or his work behind the camera, is fierce and bold. He creates statements that are loud and unmissable. In person, he’s a soft-spoken, southern gentleman. I love the dichotomy of the artist and his art. I became a fan of his bowties via Instagram, I even bought one from him to wear in my sister’s wedding, and I’ve watched as his art has reached even greater heights since then. Take note now because he will not only be making an impact for a long time to come, but as more of the world figures out how talented he is, the sky is the limit to where he will go next.

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