BLEEP Anniversary Spotlight Artist: Frank DeJulio

Photography by Kevin Thomas Garcia

Frank DeJulio: Actor


What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity, I think, is something that universally brings us all together. I think it’s something everyone is capable of doing and it takes a lot of bravery to be creative, no matter what field you’re in. When you actually allow yourself to open that door and let yourself be creative, you learn more about yourself, the world and the people around you. It’s an ongoing thing.

What inspires you?

Good movies or specifically, a true gritty, raw performance that gives me something to aspire to. Just recently, I’ve realized I gauge how good I’m doing and my stature by the people who in my life. By that I mean, I look at the people around me who are doing great things and if they seem to like what I’m doing, that means I’m doing okay as we are all growing in our careers.

When will you be on our screens next?

I’m in the season finale of this season of “Jessica Jones” on Netflix, in the ninth episode of “The Affair” on HBO this season, I have a movie with Rachel Weisz and Michael Shannon coming out in the spring, and I have an HBO miniseries called “Crime” that’s coming up too.


Ryan on Frank:

BLEEPmag 510 Cover web

In a real way, Frank is responsible for every other person who is in this issue. I saw him in a play and was taken by his performance. Up to that point, I’d never interviewed an actor before and I took a chance on emailing him. On a professional level, it was his feature that opened the door to more interviews with other artists. Without that, we wouldn’t be here. On a personal level, we became great friends and have continued to support each other for the past four years. At some point, I told him that when he felt like he was making his break in his career, I’d put him on the cover. That happened in June of 2014, when we celebrated the release of The Normal Heart on HBO. He hasn’t stopped working since and it’s truly remarkable to see someone who loves what he does so much, who continuously strives to be a better artist, and at the same time, is someone who is good to his friends and loves deeply. Frank is the real deal.

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