Lesli Margherita is one tough broad.

Lesli Margherita is one tough broad. After winning an Olivier Award for Zorro The Musical in London, and originating the role of Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda The Musical on Broadway, as well as performing her cabaret show All Hail the Queen, she’s proved she’s a force to be reckoned with on stage. Currently starring in Dames At Sea on Broadway, we caught up with her as she prepared her newest show, Broad, debuting this month at Birdland.


How is this show different than your previous show?

For this show, Broad, I’m really featuring the women who make me me. These are strong, trailblazing women and I’m singing songs that not a lot of people know of, even from Mae West to Sophie Tucker. These are broads who came before GaGa and Bette and Madonna.

You’ve also just opened Dames at Sea where you’re playing a strong woman like the ones whose songs you’re singing in Broad.

This is a classic musical and it’s interesting that I was planning Broad before Dames at Sea happened. In the show, my character is very much a ballsy, gutsy broad so it’s perfect timing. She’s much like the women I’m celebrating in the cabaret show. I love these women and I love playing tough broads.


What do you want people to take away from Broad?

I really hope the audience has a new appreciation for these trailblazing women. I want them to leave and want to look up more of their songs and feel empowered. It’s a girl power show for sure but it’s more about being yourself. Everyone needs to embrace their inner bad-assness. I want you to walk away feeling bad ass. The songs are amazing and funny and dirty. It’s amazing what they could get away with in the 30’s.

You recently shot an episode of the hit CBS show, The Good Wife. Any more plans for TV and film?

I’ve always been lucky to do TV and film in Los Angeles. I shot a movie with Topher Grace and Taye Diggs that’s a musical send-up. I love it all, stage, TV and film. It’s really great to get away from what becomes routine and do a different project. Although, with this movie being about theater, I was shooting in a recreated theater, shooting a fake musical. So that was an odd way to “go do something other than theater.”

You’re having a busy month.

I am! I’ve got Dames at Sea which just opened, I’m performing Broad at Birdland, and I shot a few episodes of a sitcom, “Donny” on USA. I just want to be able to do Broad all over the place. I’m busy but it’s all good busy.

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