The Book of Mormon’s Carole Jones talks her Broadway debut!

Carole Jones is a newcomer to Broadway, but she’s no stranger to the stage. After touring with Mamma Mia and the first national tour of The Book of Mormon, she just made her Broadway debut in the Broadway company of the show.

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Check out our feature on diversity on Broadway here.

What did that debut moment feel like?

I thought that when I walked on that stage, it would be magical. But it just felt right. I walked out and I felt like I belonged there. There weren’t fireworks or a magical feeling, it just felt right.

When did you decide you wanted to be a performer?

I used to play violin and went on a European tour to London with the orchestra. We could see two shows and my mom said we were definitely seeing Phantom of the Opera and then Starlight Express. She picked because I wasn’t even interested in it. I saw Phantom first and thought, “What is this amazingness?!” I had seen musicals on TV, but I didn’t know they were actually something that happened live. That’s when I knew I wanted to be an actress. The next summer, there was a summer musical theater workshop in my hometown. I signed up for it and we took acting and dance classes. We did Fame. I knew it was where I wanted to be.

Has there been a moment that changed your perspective on performing?

I think recently, I just decided to change. I want to do more shows of substance. I did Mamma Mia and that was fun, and it’s fun to do The Book of Mormon, but I would love to be not just a singer, but an actress as well. I would love to do a straight play. You can’t always kick your face, you know? What can you fall back on? Acting. Acting will always be there.

Now that you’ve reached one dream, your Broadway debut, what’s your next dream?

To keep working in all genres of the performing arts. I don’t need to be famous, I can be “that girl from that movie.” I don’t mind being that girl. My goal right now is to do something that’s non-traditional. I want to be Cinderella. Why not?

Check out Carole in The Book of Mormon on Broadway now!

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Photography by Michael Young
Photo Assistance by Anthony Lee Medina

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