EXCLUSIVE: Michael Craft’s ‘Kreme Queens’

Photography by Michael Craft

When you see the imagery of TV shows, what about it makes you want to create your own take on it?
Whether it’s TV or movies, I’ve always been fascinated with Hollywood glamour and Hollywood horror, so shows like American Horror Story and now Scream Queens seem to incorporate both. When I go back and watch classic horror movies from the 30’s and 40’s, no matter how horrific a scene was, it still looks pretty. You never saw anything gruesome actually happen. All of this inspires me, since I love telling stories in my photos. Plus I feel like I’m paying tribute to all that inspired me growing up. – MC
 StefaniDoughnut3 horizontal
How do you infuse your own sensibilities into something based on a pop culture piece?
Usually I take the idea from the title of a show or movie and build my own story into it. Of course, the title and what I believe the subject to be gets my mind going. With Kreme Queens, this is the first time I actually copied the print ads for Scream Queens and did a parody. One of the guys who usually models for me, Stephen Land, told me I should do something for Scream Queens and it coincided with Ariana Grande’s doughnut licking incident. I immediately thought that would be a great concept, so that started the whole project. I was working on a Hotel series, since that was the new theme for American Horror Story, but put it on the back burner to get this done. – MC
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