Exclusive: The Haus of Ro

Photography by Jono

A glimpse into the Haus of Ro

“Here is something new I wanted to share with you a colorful editorial, I collaborated with Timothy Ro, Bi-coastal hair, makeup artist and stylist. He has a sense of artistry and great sense of style. We worked on this with ZéGucc, a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, and with newcomer Alejandro.” – Jono, photographer

“To me, style & fashion are a beacon of your higher self–a physical manifestation of your true essence. It’s a statement about who you really are at any given point in your soul’s development: ‘I’m a rebel’ or ‘I want to fit in’ or ‘I am strong & confident.’ Some people believe that the eyes are a window to the soul. Well I believe the same goes for fashion.” -ZéGucc

“Fashion asks the question: ‘Is what I’m wearing a match for what’s out there, to what’s been deemed in fashion?’ And style asks the question: ‘Is what I’m wearing match the sense of who I am?'” -Alejandro

Photography by Jono

Models: ZéGucc & Alejo Cortez
Makeup / Hair / Stylist: Timothy Ro


Shu Uemura on all hair featured on Alejo and ZéGucc. Makeup featured is Shu Uemura and Prtty Peaushun.

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