A RUSH of fashion

A RUSH of fashion

Originally printed in BLEEP Magazine Issue 407

Jono grew up in Los Angeles, Calif. and was inspired by the work of Cindy Sherman early on.

“She would do these elaborate setups and put thought into these self-portraits. I was amazed, then started photographing myself.”

In a day and age where professional cameras are no longer a novelty, his advice for photographers who are wanting to find their “voice” in the medium is to “keep testing. Learn how to read light, and to understand the different types of light there is to shoot with. Get inspired but make it your own. It takes time, even years, to develop your style, so remember it will not come over night. Continue to practice.“Rush_JONO_005

For more of his work, head over to http://www.jonophoto.com

Model: George Johnson III
Stylist/Makeup: Malcolm Joris, LUVGEN

On George: Sleeveless Overalls, Luvgen.
Moto Gloves, Luvgen.
Black Visor, Luvgen.

On George: Abstract
Dress Shirt, H&M.
Jeans, Acne Jeans.
Belt, Military.
Boots, Dr. Martens.
Wool Coat, H&M.
Necklace, H&M.

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