The ‘Heir’ Apparent


Originally printed in BLEEP Magazine Issue 309

MUAH Kelsey Capo Jewelry Trudi Bell

Where did you grow up?

I grew up right here in the Dallas, TX area; the southern sector. My childhood home is in Hutchins, TX.

What were you interested in as a kid?

Being cute and glamorous! I was such a girlie girl. I can remember having over 10 pair of sunglasses of various designs and I would put on a pair to go outside and play, but come back home and change shades about every 10 minutes. But professionally, for some reason, I thought I would pursue law as an adult.

When did you start taking notice of what people were wearing and how it was constructed?

I was in middle school. I remember noticing the style and fit of clothing on friends and classmates. I also started playing with matching various styles of clothing together to make and outfit.

At what point did you start working with fashion?

About five years ago actually, when a friend needed earrings for an industry party. I just got creative. It was also around that time I did my first photo shoot and was introduced to agency models that gave me my first real fashion insight.

What did you do to learn more about how accessories are constructed?

I’m completely self-taught when it comes to constructing jewelry. I simply went to the craft store and began picking up metals, strings, and beads and figured it out. There was some trial and error, but eventually I got it right. I construct something in my mind, and then I figure it out.

What are your design influences?

Modern Day Vintage, I love pearls and elegance but with bold statements. I love making elegance speak loudly. I love Erikson Beamon, Noir Jewelry, Coco Chanel, and Audrey Hepburn.


How did your company get its name?

My dad designed and made jewelry before I was born. I didn’t have the chance to witness his craft, but I have his tool kit and remaining supplies that he used. I strongly feel that my craft was inherited and without a doubt is invaluable. That made Jewelry-Heir the perfect name for me.

What’s your dream?

I want Jewelry-Heir to be amazing. I want my craft to be perfected in such a way that my jewelry inspires and influences people and fashion. I want Jewelry-Heir to flourish and become a platform to help so many originations that I’m passionate about. That’s my dream.

How can people get your designs?

My designs are right at your fingertips, at You can find current designs along with my contact information for custom designs. Or email me at

Photography: Evelyn Murphy
Model: Benjamin Watlington, The Campbell Agency
Makeup/Hair: Kelsey Capo
Jewelry: Trudi Bell, Jewelry-Heir

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