Timm Sharp talks the new hit Blunt Talk on STARZ

Timm Sharp is no stranger to TV. He starred in Undeclared, alongside Seth Rogen, had a recurring role on HBO’s Six Feet Under and the Fox series ‘Til Death. Sharp then played Dougie in the acclaimed HBO series, Enlightened, with Laura Dern. Now, he’s sharing the screen with Patrick Stewart on the STARZ series Blunt Talk.

“Blunt Talk” appears to be a show about Patrick Stewart’s character, but audiences will quickly realize it’s a sharp ensemble comedy.

It’s feels very much like a family. I’ve done some shows where you are friends on the set and when it’s over, you move on. But I feel like life long friends have been made. Maybe it’s because there are so many British people in the cast? There’s less ego in general and everyone is grateful, likable and supportive.D64A717B

What is the vibe like on the set?

It’s professional, we are there to get the job done, but it’s collaborative. Some shows aren’t as much, but on “Blunt Talk” they are open to adjustment if the character requires it.

How do you keep your composure during scenes that are as funny as the ones written for you all?

I wish I could say I didn’t, sometimes it takes a few takes when you’re working with such funny people. There’s a scene in episode five where Dolly and I couldn’t keep it together and it got to the point where the crew was like, ‘alright guys, we want to go home.’

How did this role stretch you as an actor?

My character has a couple of issues. Major issues. The challenge of the character has been incorporating all of his issues and making it believable and likable.

You’ve worked with some incredibly talented people, notably Laura Dern on “Enlightened” and now Patrick Stewart on “Blunt Talk.” What have you learned from working with such established artists?

She is so good and it made my job working opposite her so easy. She showed how being malleable is essential. Stay loose. She’s all about reacting off the person in the scene and use that as your guide to the way you say lines. She’s so good.



With Patrick, there’s so much insane depth to the way he delivers every line. When he’s handed a new line on set, you wouldn’t expect him to deliver it with such depth and to be able to do so in so many different ways. He is who he is for a reason.

What keeps you busy when you’re not on set?

I tend to keep myself active with improv at Upright Citizens Brigade in LA. When I’m not doing that, I just got a puppy which is much more work than you think it is. I also paint and build things, and I weld art pieces sometimes.

You have such an extensive resume already. What else would you like to accomplish that you’ve yet to tackle?

I would like to write and create my own show. I want to be the creator of a show I also get to act in. That’s the next goal for me.

Blunt Talk airs on STARZ Saturdays at 9pm.

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