Photographer Spotlight: Christopher Correia

Christopher Correia


When did you first pick up a camera and start taking photos that were beyond family or vacation photos?

I’ve always had a passion for photography ever since high school. However, It wasn’t until 2011 that I took that passion and moved it into a professional direction. I began by taking a certificate course through the New York Institute of Photography, I then started my website and began working with models on photo shoots. When I first started out, I tried a variety of subjects/themes. It took a year or so before I realized that working with models, whether it be for their comp cards, magazines or book covers, was my niche.

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

My favorite subject to shoot would be working with models collaborating on authors’ book covers. My first book cover happened by chance in 2013 when an author inquired about one of the images on my fan page. Since then, I’ve licensed 71 images for book covers (ranging from romance to suspense). I truly enjoy the whole process: learning about the theme/concept of the book, working with an author to select the models, editing the image and seeing the final cover photo. I’m a big reader as well so it’s a great way to combine a lot of my interests with my passion.

Where do you get new shoot ideas?

I’m truly inspired by my surroundings which is one reason I prefer to shoot outdoors. There are a lot of fellow photographers that I look up to as well. Fashion and current trends play a big part as well.

With all of the self-professed photographers with digital cameras, how do you continue to hone your skill and your eye to keep what you’re doing special and professional?

I don’t like to post a photo just to post a photo. I like to make sure that it has been edited to the best of my ability and that I’m truly happy with it. I always like to expand and advance my skill set – whether that is learning new techniques or different ways to edit or ways to make my images pop and stand out more.

How does social media, specifically Instagram, affect how you get your work to people? 

A large majority of the work I book is through Instagram. I’m able to show a variety of my work and really see what my followers and supporters like. Currently, they’re a big fan of guys with tattoos. When I’m traveling, I like to connect with models via Instagram (viewing their portfolio and thinking of ways we could collaborate with one another).  

Describe the style of your photography in five words. 

Edgy, clean, unique, natural, urban.

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