Tim Grady wants to film you

The audition reel guru talks to BLEEP about helping other creative people reach their goals.

“The main goal is for actors to have solid footage on Youtube so they can submit for parts when they are out on tour or in regional shows. Then they can be considered for auditions when they aren’t physically in New York.” We caught up with the filmmaker about what led him to making videos for actors and how he keeps them from all looking the same.

bleepbroadway2015597aActors have had reels for some time now, but what led you making this specific type of film reel for other actors?

I was working a show down in Florida as an actor and my friends in the show kept asking me to put them on film. As I did it more and more, I realized it was something that would be great for actors to have. I came back to New York, and started interviewing casting directors and creative team members to see what they’re looking for. I created a standard format that includes an interview so you get the talent as well as the personality of the actor.

What keeps you energized and focused on what you’re doing?

I love it. I love helping actors and I love when I hear a success story, hearing someone got a callback, or booked a show, or got an agent because of their reel. It motivates me to keep helping actors. I know the struggle and it’s tough, but with this online presence, people are having success from these videos.

If you’ve figured out a format that works, what keeps all of the reels from looking the same?

The personality that shines through in the interview. Each person has something different to bring to the table.

What goals have you set for yourself?

I’m continuing to build the reels so it becomes as standard as having a headshot and a resume. On top of that, I’m always improving with new equipment and better audio on the videos.

What inspires you as an artist?

My friends who are pounding the pavement every day. They make me want to be better.

For more and to book your session, head over to http://www.timgradyfilms.com

Photography by Michael Young

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