Throwback spotlight on Kyle Brincefield

We met up with a bunch of ‘stud muffins’ in New York’s East Village to check out the looks from Kyle Brincefield. His fun, playful and club-ready looks made a splash in NYC and are now featured in the biggest editorial magazines in the world, in music videos and on celebs like Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Adam Lambert and the queen of pop herself, Madonna.

DSC_1533Growing up in Roanoke, Indiana, what were you interested in as a kid?

Normal Indiana kid stuff. We always had ATV’s, mopeds, go-karts and that kind of stuff growing up. We spent a lot of time in the woods as kids, making forts and tree houses.DSC_1631

When did you start taking notice of what people were wearing and how it was constructed?

Probably in my early teens is when I started becoming a little more fashion conscious and exploring trends. I went through just about every phase from goth, punk, prep and so on. I would “Manic Panic” my hair a different color every week, try new piercings on myself in the family bathroom and travel to nearby Chicago for clothes unavailable in our area.

I learned about garment construction in high school during a fashion class I took, but never fell in love with sewing. I consider myself more of an artist/designer hybrid as most of my garments are pre-produced or vintage.

At what point did you start working with fashion?

All through high school, I was prepared to enter college, study fashion and find my way in the industry from there. Things didn’t exactly go that way and after a few setbacks, I had no fashion degree and I was prepared to figure out another career path.

DSC_1700I ended up moving to New York when I was 20, because I felt that’s where I needed to be. After three years of bartending and cocktailing around the city, I unknowingly found my way back into the fashion world through an untapped niche market. I began creating pieces for myself and the demand was on.

Where did your style of design come from?

I’m really inspired by downtown New York City, the artists, the style, the East Village, the dirt, the grit and the glitter. I love originality; I love people with confident style. I live for people that walk out of their apartments in whatever they want without a care in the world.

My brands style sort of began by browsing local NYC shops for studded items and noticing the insanely overpriced tags. There was a gap in the market for affordable studded gear with originality and that didn’t scream “I’m a punk rocker.” I began putting studs and spikes on more conventional clothing, such as sweatpants and sweatshirts and it really hadn’t been done before, or at this level at least.

DSC_1593What are your design influences and where does your personal style come from?

My influences come from all over; from artists, designers, different cultures and so on. I really enjoy hand-painting original garments and am inspired by artists like Keith Haring and Stephen Sprouse. I love art and see my clothes more of art pieces that are going to be around for a very long time. Costume designer, stylist and friend; Patricia Field also gives me great inspiration. The lady is a genius, literally.

My personal style comes mainly from comfort and getting around in the city. My guilty pleasure is anything Adidas Originals. I’ve always had a thing for Adidas, it’s well made and stylish. You can usually catch me running around the city in a tracksuit or track shorts, a snapback and some Adidas sneakers.

What’s your dream?

My dreams are simple. My dream is to get by, not have to worry about money, to be a well-liked individual, to do right to others and be respected. I don’t dream of money or riches really, just to do what I love, have fun and get by doing it.

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Photos by Ryan Brinson

Feature, originally from BLEEP Magazine, has been edited from its initial publication.

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