Photographer spotlight: Fwee Carter

Fwee Carter

New York City

When did you first pick up a camera and start taking photos that were beyond family or vacation photos?

I’ve been taking photos since I was 8 years old but it was when I joined my high school newspaper, the Golden Wave, when I [learned I] enjoyed capturing moments. I decided I wanted to continue this in college, fate intervened, and a photography college asked me to come in for an interview. Before I knew it, I was enrolled in a Digital Photography program.

What is your favorite subject to shoot?

I love shooting cosplay and costume type shots. That way I can edit them how ever I want. I love colors and want them to pop out in my images, so any chance I can use my gels I take advantage of it, I usually end up using them for sexy nerd shoots.

As creative professionals, you have to be adaptable to what may happen during the shoot. Give us an example of a shoot that didn’t exactly go as planned and how you made it work.

I have to say all my shoots go through a huge amount of planning and they never go according to plan. One of the first shoots I did, I had a plan. I bought a face max with an X on it and when we tried it on during the shoot it wasn’t working well. The model had brought a scarf and we decided to use that and that worked so much better. Sometimes I love when the model gives some input because that really helps the image become much more amazing.Nick_4734

With all of the self-professed photographers with digital cameras, how do you continue to hone your skill and your eye to keep what you’re doing special and professional?

I follow, meet with and learn from other photographers whether they are new or accomplished. All photographers bring something new and different to the table and I am willing to learn from all of them. Doing that helps my skills develop.

How does social media, specifically Instagram, affect how you get your work to people? 

Instagram and social media has helped my work! Because of Instagram, I’ve met so many different people willing to work with me. I’ve made so many connections. Especially if I have a show or am working on a project, it helps me promote. Lately, I’ve been running into people that tell me that they follow me on Instagram and enjoy my work.

Describe the style of your photography in five words. 

Geeky, Colorful, Sexy, Nerdy, Fun.

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