Boys of Summer

Outfitted in BODYAWARE swim and sportswear, Dan and Julius share their favorite parts of the summer in New York.


Performer, On The Town

“I’ve been working on Broadway for about nine years and this is my last year on the stage actually because I’m going to law school in August.”

What’s your favorite aspect of On The Town?Candid2 J
The music and the dancing. The music has such color and texture and is iconic. When you hear “New York, New York” start, you know what it means, what it is and the time period it’s set in. It’s the most difficult music on Broadway I think. Our orchestra is amazing, the largest orchestra on Broadway, knows how challenging it is and it’s hard for them to find subs because of how challenging the music is.
What are your top three favorite things about New York in the summer?
Rooftop parties. I love a good rooftop cocktail moment. Sunday, after a show, the best thing to do is put on my shorts and go to a rooftop with my friends.
I like to travel a lot so for me, going to Fire Island and the Hamptons is fun. I love being on a beach.
People in New York have a dynamic energy. Everyone is out and about, eating outside, running in the park, it’s great.

VEVO Campaign Manager_MG_4707 D

“It’s a tech job. Basically I put up the ads you have to watch before you get to the video you actually want to watch.”

What are your top three favorite things about New York in the summer?
Boys in short shorts.
I like that you can just walk around the city, it’s not cold, you can stroll.
There’s stuff to do during the summer whether it’s the piers or movies or even going outside the city. It’s New York. There’s always something to do.

Special thanks to Bodyaware for providing the swim and sportswear.

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