Photographer Spotlight: Steeve Leblanc

Steeve Leblanc

Montreal, Quebec

What is your favorite subject to shoot? 
My favourite subject is people, men in particular. I tried to do landscapes, flowers, architecture, but apparently I suck big time. With people, I like to capture an emotion, to tell a story, and create movement.

11715998_1135667106449761_303921466_nWhere do you get new shoot ideas from?
It may sound strange but my ideas come generally while listening to music. Music makes me fly, so I take notes. When I do a photoshoot, 80% of my ideas come while shooting: the mood, the location, the model. I love to mix things that don’t usually go together. Most of the time, I work with my buddy Mike. He’s a painter (he`s more traditional, I’m more outside the box), he’s my assistant, he brings great ideas, and he’s a good boy.

As creative professionals, you have to be adaptable to what may happen during the shoot. Give us an example of a shoot that didn’t exactly go as planned and how you made it work.
D I V A S + E G O S = B I T C H  I` M  S T E E V E

With all of the self-professed photographers with digital cameras, how do you continue to hone your skill and your eye to keep what you’re doing special and professional?
Never repeat myself! Do not try to copy others! Trust my instinct! Let’s get crazy! Avoid the clichés! Be original! And never fuck with the models!

How does social media, specifically Instagram, affect how you get your work to people? 
Thanks to social media. It’s great for visibility, for connecting with people and touching them.
Describe the style of your photography in five words. 
Vintage! Sexy! Eclectic! Funny! Outside The Box!

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