Montreal based emerging designer Jean-Sebastien Legault talks to BLEEP

Photo by Steeve Leblanc - BLEEP Magazine Issue 505

When you can’t find the clothes and accessories you want, why not make them yourself? That’s what Jean-Sebastien Legault thought and a year ago, he began creating his own line. We caught up with the Canadian designer about jewelry, the Montreal fashion scene and the struggle of being an emerging designer.

When did you see clothing as something someone designed, rather than just what you wear?

In my childhood, I saw what was on runways and TV shows and started making my own clothing with old fabric or t-shirts from my parents. The first time I made any jewelry was when I was 15 years old and discovered the rave universe. It had a lot of colors and textures – everybody expressed themselves with strange and colorful necklaces, bracelets and eccentric clothing. I started to make necklaces at home with Lego blocks, Hot Wheels cars, plush toys and neon colored beads.

When did you begin making jewelry and what spurred you to start your own company?

The idea to create my own brand came after so much time spent looking for something and never finding it. “So why don’t I make what I looking for, and share it?” If I’m looking for something, I’m sure somebody else is looking for it to. But the thing that made me really want to start my business was when I was in India in the spring of 2014. After a long trip of two and a half years around the world, I was at a point of “what I’m gonna do with my life?” So I looked back in my past and realized I hadn’t been in the arts for a long time. My idea of create my own style of clothing came to me, I started drawing and a lot of ideas, logos and jewelry designs. When I got back to Montreal, I started to create.

BLEEPmag505 coverYou use a lot of strong imagery in your designs: aliens, dinosaurs, Egyptian art. What draws you to this type of imagery?

I take all my designs and use ancient symbols from a mix of my childhood and things I’ve seen during my trip around the world (but more From Asia, India and Egypt) as well as my interest of the paranormal and the unexplainable.

For the rest of our exclusive interview with Jean-Sebastien Legault and to see more of Eat My Believe, head over to the full issue HERE.

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