BOOM. Flula talks Pitch Perfect 2

BLEEPmag505 coverPitch Perfect 2 was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer and it kicked off the summer in grand fashion – making more money in its opening weekend than the first film made in its entire run. One of the breakout stars of the film became Flula Borg, the German multi-hyphenate who already has thousands of loyal YouTube followers who love his exuberant and energy-packed videos. His role as a leader of Das Sound Machine, the arrogant rival of the Bellas, made him the film’s resident scene stealer (and he got to sing “Poison” which is awesome).

You’re a DJ, you’re a musician, you’re an actor – what made you want to add YouTube personality to the list?

It was an accident. A long time ago, I was deported from the US back to Germany, which made me sad. So I wrote a techno song to feel more better. I had many many views and decided I should make more.

You start off all of your interviews with a shout of “Boom!” It’s really fun, but why start that way?

I have a problem storing energy in my body, it has to release somehow, so that’s how I start off interviews.

How did you become a part of “Pitch Perfect 2?”

I thought it was a hoax. I got an email through my website asking me to audition for this movie. I didn’t believe it was real but I went. It was me and a bunch of ladies auditioning and I thought this can’t be real. But they cast me two months later. Actually, they had written the part for a large German woman but after I auditioned, they switched it to a tall German man.

This movie was huge even before it hit the theaters. Then it blew the box office away. What has it been like to be a part of a film that’s so colossal?

It’s been like going to a restaurant, ordering a hotdog, and being given 5000 hotdogs, a pumpkin pie and a steak. My voice is on the soundtrack and my body is in the movie. I’m pumped.

Had you done much acapella before?

I’d done a lot of beat-boxing in university. The real training for the movie though was the dancing. The movement had to be like shiny Swiss watches.

As someone who is actively creating new media, what have you found to be a challenge in this new time of digital entertainment?

We are living in a new time. It’s all about content. It’s a buffet now, and people want more, more, more. To stay relevant, you have to always be making new content. Now, I make a new video every week.

As a part of that process, you have been able to collaborate with other YouTube stars like one of our favorites, Miranda Sings. What has that done in terms of helping you create new content?

It’s nice to have someone you can relate to. It’s a strange world when you’re making things like this and it’s nice to have someone you can toss ideas around with and try new things out with for videos.

Are you based in L.A. now?

I am back and forth between the States and Germany. I still live in Germany too. I just go where the work is, but I’m a strange person who is weird, so I find more work in the States than other places. I’m more unique, like a flower.

Now that the movie is out, what’s coming up next for you?

I have an album coming out in a few weeks and a bunch of smaller roles in feature films releasing this year. I’m also producing an independent film of my own. I do whatever strange and dope things my brain will allow.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Sometimes is nice to drink sparkling water rather than tap because of the bubbles.

We agree.

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