June BLEEP has landed!

There’s something special about this issue of BLEEP. This issue BLEEPmag405cover webfeatures two artists who are making repeat appearances on the pages of BLEEP, but their first time on the cover. Frank DeJulio and Renée Marino both appeared in our first year and since then have seen their careers change and grow. Frank just appeared in the HBO film adaptation of the Tony Award winning play The Normal Heart. Renée stars in another film adaptation of a Tony Award winning musical, this time on the big screen, in “Jersey Boys.” Talking to them in 2011, both already veterans of the stage, they each had dreams of working in TV and film. Now, they are starring in two of the most high-profile projects of the summer. Actually, not just the summer. Two of the most high-profile projects of the year.

We also have musicians (JES, CharlieMac & The Walls Group) and more film (“The Standbys'” director Stephanie Riggs) and some of your favorite performers who are currently on tours around the country. It’s exciting to have such a diverse group of artists in one issue.

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