The May ‘People To Watch’ Issue is here!

BLEEPmag304coverThis is one of our favorite issues of the year. It’s the issue when we spotlight a handful of artists we consider ‘People to Watch.’ I think it’s great to focus on new faces. So much of the media is full of has-beens trying to dance on TV, reality stars whose only talent is being horrible to their fellow man, and rich people behaving badly. That’s not art. But for every Kardashian, there’s a new fashion designer who is doing something that’s actually artistic and dynamic. For every housewife with an auto-tuned single, there’s a new songwriter who’s singing about their own lives and doing it live. There are some amazing talents out there and we love that we get to tell you about them.

Check out all of our ”People To Watch’ and make sure to also check out our bonus video content on the four artists that grace our cover!

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