March BLEEP has arrived!

BLEEPmag302cover iconOur Photographers Issue has landed and it’s full of more than 60 pages of photos from 10 of the best photographers around. Not only that, but they let us in on their process and what inspires them to keep snapping those pictures we love to look at. Led by Kevin Thomas Garcia and Matthew Murphy – you will be blown away by these amazing artists as they step out from behind the camera and show us how they view the world.


We talk with Colleen Ballinger, a.k.a. Miranda Sings, about being a YouTube sensation, teaching Broadway legends to sing and coming back to Birdland, where it all started.

We also introduce three new columns this issue! You’ll want to make sure you read what Lisa, Courtney and Caleb have to say along with all of our regular writers.

This is a jam-packed issue full of artists. Don’t miss out on the sculptures of Alexander Dijulio, we review four new albums from Shoshana Bean, Caissie Levy, Morgan James and Eden Espinosa and also have a new feature from our very own Cocktail Connoisseur, Nathan Robins.

It’s a big year for BLEEP and we thank you for being a part of it! Check it out HERE!

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