Graphic Novel Extravaganza

The current issue of BLEEP has our very first comic book feature in it. Featuring the work of four different artists, we learned what exactly goes into the colorful images you read in comic books and see online.

Check out Mike Cavallaro, Matt Frank and Ben Humeniuk’s works in the current issue of BLEEP Magazine and click on the links to check out all their works on their websites.

We also feature the first five pages of a brand new online comic, “Shadows.” The debut work of creators Tyler Ellis and Caleb Bollenbacher, check out the entire book HERE.

More than just child’s play, these artists prove there’s an art to creating the images in comic books and graphic novels. BLEEP is proud to support the creative work of these artists and we look forward to bringing you the work and stories of more novelists in upcoming issues. The check out the current issue and the interviews with these artists, click HERE.

Featured images by Mike Cavallaro. © Cartoon Network 2011
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