Whitney Allen takes BLEEP by storm!

Photo by Kristen Lynn Photographie & courtesy of Weekends With Whitney

Ask a 7-year-old what she wants to be when she grows up, and the answers can run the gamut from lion tamer to astronaut. For Whitney Allen, the answer was Jenny Jones.

     Allen’s Halloweens were spent not dressing as angels or princesses, but as talk show hosts.
Whitney Allen, the creator and host of “Weekends With Whitney,” a talk show on NBC-Chicago Nonstop, began hosting newscasts at her local high school, but it was a trip to New York City as a sophomore that gave her the aha moment she needed.
“I met a guy from Good Morning America that said he could get me into the show. So while all my friends stayed in bed, I took the cab, alone, early in the morning to get down to the studio,” she said. “He told me all about this program he was a part of through Baylor University and how he got to come up to New York and intern at GMA. So that decided it. I was going to go to Baylor, come up to New York and intern at Good Morning America.”
And that’s exactly what she did. She went to Baylor just like she said she would and spent a semester interning at GMA in New York. From Baylor, Allen went on to work as a reporter at a local station and within two months was anchoring a two-hour morning show. She was only 21, but she realized that talk was a better fit for her than reading the news as she was doing currently.

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